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It all started with a dream

For spinal surgeons, the gentle positioning and accurate fixation of disc prosthetics and ALIF cages – without using excessive force – can be time consuming and challenging. Steadily and firmly, they need to separate the vertebrae in the spinal column, counteracting strong forces, to remove and replace the degenerated disc. But they also want to work freely with confidence. Standard handheld “lumbar” distractors or clamps are often inadequate. So a group of Swedish spinal surgeons, biomaterial and MedTech experts asked themselves: “What if we could improve this?” Working in close collaboration with leading spinal surgeons and clinics, they pioneered the world’s first hydraulically powered distractor, OrtoWell® – now used effectively in around 50 surgeries.

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The OrtoWay Company

Founded by a Stockholm-based group of spinal surgeons, biomaterial and MedTech experts, OrtoWay develops and manufactures innovative new technologies for leading surgeons and surgical facilities. The ambition is to give spinal surgeons the tools they need to work more safely, efficiently and confidently. The company pioneered the world’s first hydraulic vertebrae separation system called The OrtoWell® Distractor for anterior and lateral surgery. Product development and manufacturing are handled through its office near Tuttlingen, Germany, a world-renowned region for high-quality medical manufacturing. Sales and distribution channels cover Europe, the Nordic Region and USA.

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The OrtoWell® Distractor

The OrtoWell® Distractor is the world’s first hydraulically powered system for the separation and fixation of vertebrae during anterior and lateral surgery. In 2020, it was voted “Most Advanced Separation System” by the editors of Global Health & Pharma Magazine. Robust and well proven, it is used by surgeons for the insertion of disc prosthetics, positioning of ALIF cages, spinal corpectomy, tumor removal, lateral minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and revisit surgeries. With its strong, smooth hydraulic operation, the instrument fixates the vertebra in a unique way that allows safer and less complicated insertion of implants and can be used with any prosthesis.


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First lumbar disc replacements

Initially, the focus of the OrtoWell® Distractor was to support spinal surgeons when replacing degenerated discs in the lumbar spine with a disc prosthetic. The need for stable holding power and accurate fixation, especially in multilevel surgery, was high. The Distractor’s approval for use with any type of prosthetic disc also was also seen as a plus. But perhaps more importantly was the gentle but firm holding power, which allowed for precisely calibrate fixations, while still moving freely.

Then safe and accurate positioning of ALIF cages

Soon, the novel distraction technology was also proving itself useful for Anterior Lateral Interbody Fusion (ALIF) due to the need for spinal stability when fitting the titanium cage over bone grafts. Intervertebral fusion cages have come a long way in recent years. Since they literally become a part of the spine, the accurate positioning of the titanium mesh is critical. This is where the Distractor can help.


Next spinal corpectomy and tumor removal

Another common use of the OrtoWell® Distractor is for quick, precise and secure fixation in lumbar corpectomy surgery involving the L1/L3 vertebrae. Whether it’s a graft, fusion or vertebral removal, the instrument secures and firmly holds the vertebrae in place. In addition, the OrtoWell® Distractor has been successfully used during spinal tumor removal and in trauma surgery.



Now lateral, minimally invasive surgery (MIS)

Today, the OrtoWell® Distractor is being further developed to facilitate minimally invasive (MIS) surgery with lateral access. Other new indications under development and review include cervical spine procedures to relieve neck pain, scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

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